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Two Sides of Joy. Photographic Print

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From New Delhi, to Agra, to Amritsar, Dharamsala and Anandpur Sahib it was definitely a crazy journey filled with emotion, laughter and tears as well as some truly magical moments. India was a challenge for me on many levels, physically and emotionally, but I have absolutely no regrets. I’ll be posting a lot more photos in the upcoming weeks and telling stories of the places and people I’ve met. Photos like this one, taken at a Sikh Warrior camp. They are a nomadic people who never stay in one city longer than 10 days, I think they said. They did a weapons demonstration for us which was interesting although a little scary when they started shooting arrows up into the air. But what really stood out was this kid, he was a jokester, and while there was a language barrier his laughter and joy was contagious and painted a smile on my face, and the little boy on the left just standing there listening calmly and quietly created such a contrast to him and the rest of the group. 

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